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Make your brand sing through Social Media

This is my first post in 607 days!! I will keep it brief.

Intel, Mcdonalds, Lotto 649 (for Ontario folks) – what do you think these brands also have in common? It is the 2-3 second soundbite that accompanies their media messages!!! Why haven’t more brands consciously invested in identifying themselves through soundbites?

Here is an idea I have had for about a year now,  and am compelled to give away for free . Twitter – are you listening?? This can be monetized. No, this is NOT spam.

Invent an app that plays a 2-3 second sound bite every time the @brand is mentioned, re-tweeted, etc. There are over 1 billion tweets every day (Mar 14, 2011)!!  Adapt it for FB, YouTube…..etc.

Are there other brands you know who get this kind of instant brand recall through sound bites?