Make your brand sing through Social Media

This is my first post in 607 days!! I will keep it brief.

Intel, Mcdonalds, Lotto 649 (for Ontario folks) – what do you think these brands also have in common? It is the 2-3 second soundbite that accompanies their media messages!!! Why haven’t more brands consciously invested in identifying themselves through soundbites?

Here is an idea I have had for about a year now,  and am compelled to give away for free . Twitter – are you listening?? This can be monetized. No, this is NOT spam.

Invent an app that plays a 2-3 second sound bite every time the @brand is mentioned, re-tweeted, etc. There are over 1 billion tweets every day (Mar 14, 2011)!!  Adapt it for FB, YouTube…..etc.

Are there other brands you know who get this kind of instant brand recall through sound bites?


6 responses to “Make your brand sing through Social Media

  1. It is surprising that not many companies invest in good sound bites, they can make a big difference to a marketing campaign if you can get the sound to stick in your potential clients head for them to remember the advert longer.

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  3. Masses of companies in Europe invest in soundbites in their communication – it’s old hat, that mnemonic devices improve branding, through memorability and music. Nokia did it for ages, consistently – Telekom Germany, haribo, long list….the reason others actually stay away from it is the irritation factor. Your hypothetical exmple is a good example – folk love variety, in fact, it’s only the branding that gains from repetition/ recognition.

    • Thanks very much for your comment, Edward. It seems intuitive to me for brands to invest in “concepts” that reinforce brand equity. As media consumption fragments even more, it is imperative for brands to maintain some semblance of continuity.

  4. You are absolutely right about brands using soundbites for instant recall.
    Brand Consultant
    Neeti Biz

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